Live Streaming

All over Southern California event planners are looking for new ways to expand their audience and live streaming is the perfect way to do just that. Webcasting takes your local San Diego audience and makes it a global one. In addition to growing your audience exponentially, live video streaming allows your audience to engage your event in real time. Live question & answer sessions and online voting allows your audience to participate in your event no matter where they are in the world.

Another advantage to live streaming over traditional recording, is the immediate availability of the videos to your audience, instead of having to wait days or sometimes weeks for the videos to be edited. As excitement rapidly wanes in our fast-paced world, your clients being able to immediately view the conference they just attended is a huge advantage.

Your event is awesome. The team at Fool’s Errand Films understands that our production value and coverage of your event directly reflects your event and brand. With roaming HD interviews in the event center lobby, multi-camera stage coverage and camera cranes to keep the audience at home engaged, we create a television quality content without the network costs




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