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Justin Kietzman



On a typical humid Tuesday, somewhere in North Carolina, Justin decided a degree in physics and career in academia wasn’t what he wanted from this life. Throwing everything he could fit in his red Jeep and knowing he wanted something different, he decided to drive west. After a brief stint of shenanigans in the American West, something like a yarn that Paul Bunyan would have a hard time believing, he decided to settle down and start a filmmaking company with his friend and cohort Anthony Cohen. The rest as they say, is history.

With a love for deep powerful characters, smart dialogue and grandiose mise en scène, Justin’s directing style has been heavily influenced by the films and directors he grew up loving. From neurotically planning shoot days late into the evening before a early call, to attempting to keep a solid flow on set, Justin only has one goal during a production, seeing that final piece come together perfectly in the editing room.



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