Using Live-streaming to Promote Your Company

by Dec 9, 2019

Live streaming is a trend that has been exploding in popularity in recent years with its incorporation in more social media platforms. Thanks to new technologies and new devices, it is very simple for audiences to connect to their favorite brands and companies, even watching live-streamed video while getting ready for work and during lunch breaks. For companies, it is even more beneficial, as Live videos allows them to broadcast live events, launches, charity events, meetings, celebrations, presentations, and many other events allowing them to connect to their global audience live. You should be using Live-streaming to promote your company.

What is Live-streaming?

Streaming or live broadcasting consists of capturing an event through video and transferring it to the audience in real-time. Broadcasting media is nothing new, but the ability for businesses to live-stream their own content to a world-wide audience is. The new technology that now allows even small businesses to take advantage of live broadcast is astonishing. Production should always be high so the audience can see every detail clearly. That is why you should always seek the services of experienced video production companies.

Types of events that could use live Streaming

There are many ways that companies make effective use of webcasts. Among the most popular trends are:

1. Conferences

Live Streaming is an excellent option during conferences as it increases face to face participation with the audience. Live videos are mostly used to provide a world wide view of a conference, deliver a lecture, allow audience engagement through live chat questions and polls, the possibilities are endless. Use of live video during your conference can help boost client engagement by enabling more people to watch the event.

A man sitting in front of lights cameras and videographer is being interviewed in a ski lodge

2. Product launches

The best way to introduce a new product that your brand offers is through a live video. By streaming your release live, you can know in real-time the impact of the product. This will also help build more trust among your users, which can translate to more conversions. It will also increase customer interaction by explaining and teaching how to use the product, thus building brand trust.

3. Meetings

Meetings are important for all businesses. A company can chose to a hold meeting for employees, shareholder, distributors, and more. The bigger the meeting, the harder the communication will be. The use of live video in such meetings can enhance communication.

4. Webinars

A company can offer online webcasts through live streaming to talk to its employees, distributors, or even the business audience. This can be done in a seamless manner where the information is sent and received in real-time.

A man operates a video camera with large camera lights around him filming a woman labelling packages in a warehouse
A videographer is reviewing footage while holding a video camera with a monitor while a client stands next to him watching
A man is filming a woman who is surrounded by video cameras and lights in a conference room during a corporate video shoot

How live streaming can be used to promote a company

According to studies, a large percentage of users have more confidence with brands that live stream their products. Users like to interact with videos that they perceive as real and spontaneous. Showing the human side of the brand, through the faces of the people who are part of it, can do more good to the company. Below are some of the ways how live-streaming can be used to promote a company.

A. Audience engagement

When you add live-streaming to your marketing strategy, you give the audience the opportunity to interact with your content instantly. When these audience follows the live video, they can participate by commenting on what they are seeing and communicate with each other. This can generate debates about products, services, or other key content. This brings a substantial advantage as the brand can receive immediate feedback

B. Brand growth

Live-streaming allows a company or business to increase its audience at every live session. Unlike email marketing, where it only reaches users who are already on its list, live-streaming can open up new segments. This will allow you to reach targets you didn’t think of, thereby, enabling the growth of the brand. The key element is the word of mouth that is generated on the live videos that help to stimulate interest. Create interesting and thought provoking content through live-streaming, and everyone will love your brand.

C. Customer retention

Live streaming helps companies build trust with customers increasing their comfort and building brand loyalty. Companies that open their doors and start live-streaming find a new level of commitment, which can help with costumer acquisition and retention.

Man using Blackmagic Design ATEM live video production switcher
Multiview monitor sitting next to a live video production laptop

Advantages of using live Streaming for promoting your company and video marketing

I. Increased visibility.

One of the main benefits of Streaming is undoubtedly the increase in visibility that a global circulation can offer you. When your content goes live your events are accessible to as few or as many people as you would like.

II. Conversion rate increase.

Once trust is gained, it is easier to convince your users to buy your products. So if your company wants to attract customers and increase sales, live video is a fantastic option.

III. Better SEO positioning.

Live video can improve the your brands SEO increasing the page rank of your website and Social Media Accounts. Improved page rank leads to increased web traffic and more conversions.

IV. A close relationship with consumers.

Interesting webcast content helps keep your brand on the mind of your consumers. Through this kind of live content, it is easier to create close relationships between the company and customers.

V. Direct and personalized communication.

Live-streaming offer you the possibility of interacting with the public during the event in a direct and simple way. This helps keep audiences engaged and opening a dialogue between client and customer that helps build trust.

VI. Increase the prestige of the event.

An event with media coverage that includes video and live streaming is certainly an event that gets more attention. The attention helps build an events prestige which can help increase future attendance or client interaction.



Video plays a fundamental role in todays marketing. Live streaming takes video to the next level increasing immediacy and customer interaction in a way that video has never been able to do before . Business owners in San Diego, California, are encouraged to take full advantage of live Streaming by partnering with Fool’s Errand Films, to improve their visibility and grow their brand.

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