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Mar 26, 2018 | Real Estate

Being a real estate agent in San Diego has its challenges, increased competition and lower inventory mean you have to work harder to get each client. Fool’s Errand Films is here to help you get clients and sell homes faster. We offer a one of a kind marketing package that includes hi-resolution photos, a full walkthrough video with professional voice over and custom website designed to showcase the property and drive potential buyer back to you the selling agent. Our company recently moved from Montana where we worked closely with agents to develop a process that works.


Each property we work on gets our personal attention. We spend 4-5 hours with each property making sure to show it in its best light. With our complete marketing package, we include at least 25 retouched high-resolution photos making sure to showcase each room, the exterior, and any special amenities the property might have. Here are some examples of some of our photos:

“Fool’s Errand Films is here to help you get clients and sell homes faster.”


Our complete walkthrough videos use motion in each shot to add interest and make the video more dynamic. Each video includes background music and a professional voiceover. Spending so much time with each property helps us to show off its best characteristics. We take the time to work with our agents to customize each video to include your contact information and logo so that each video helps to promote you. Take a look at one of our walkthrough videos:

“We take the time to work with our agents to customize each video”


Each property that gets the complete marketing package includes a customized website with its own URL and is hosted for one year. These websites are great landing pages that show off all the different specs of the house as well as the photos and video. These site put potential buyers on the property allowing them to get excited about the property before even setting foot on it. Each page also includes a contact form allowing interested parties to contact you directly through email and your phone number so they can contact you directly.

Our complete marketing package is designed to make your job easier. Generate clients faster because they know you put exceptional effort into marketing their house and sell houses faster because the buyers get excited about properties before even stepping foot on them. If you would like to talk to us more about what our real estate packages offer or book us to film a property please contact us below or give us a call at 619-451-6931.

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